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Biographical History of Shelby
and Audubon Counties, Iowa
W.S. Dunbar & Co., 1889

T. E. Averill
Robert Ford
Lewis W. Fry
Joseph Gardner
Peter Gubbels
Michael Hammes
George Hawley
Oliver E. Holcomb
William Keairnes
Wilson Keairnes
William Kleeb
Jocob Korth
P. J. Korth
Peter Korth
Joseph Kuhl
Mathias Kuhl
John Langfeld
Constand Leinen
Matthias Leinen
Frederick Loehr
J. P. Perry
J. M. Pieffer
Newton Roundy
Sarah (Van Ausdall) Roundy
Washington Roundy
Caleb Smith
Harrison Smith
John W. Smith
Thomas Smith
W. J. Smith
J. L. Stanley
Chauncey Williamson


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